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How long does it take to get and ramp up an outsourced finance resource?

Hiring an outsourced finance resource is a simple journey that can move very quickly. Ramping up with a new resource is a three-step process:

1. Establish a Statement of Work
With each new project kickoff, businesses are matched with a few freelancers that would be an ideal fit for the specific project. They are able to interview each freelancer to narrow it down to a better fit. After finding the right fit, accurate and precise milestones are established through a complete Statement of Work (SOW). Your new resource will assess your needs and provide specifics of deliverables and what they need to accomplish your project or on-going support.
2. Start the relationship
Once the SOW and confidentiality papers are signed, you’re officially ready to go. Together, you will establish a timeline of deliverables, frequency of communication, and what the work relationship should look like.
3. Allow access to necessary documents
After establishing the relationship, your resource will inform you of what specific documents they need to obtain, or what specific access, they need to start their work. This process does not have to be extensive – as long as you provide quick and immediate access to all the required documents and any other necessary information – they can dive into tackling their projects.

When the above three-steps for success are followed, you should enjoy a quick start and a productive, mutually beneficial relationship. And, when circumstances change as a result of discoveries that arise during the process, the scope can be changed accordingly.

Let the process happen

After the initial process of getting to know the work style of your new resource and of them understanding how you would like your financials done, and communication to happen, the relationship requires minimal effort on your part. Give them time to dig into your books and do what they’re actually good at.

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Updated on September 14, 2018

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