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How long does the utility bill auditing sales process take?

A comprehensive utility bills audit takes the place of a traditional sales process. When your customer signs an agreement to conduct a free audit, they also agree to split the savings realized with our partner. At the conclusion of the audit the potential shared savings value is known. Your customer pays a portion of any amount of refunds or savings they receive.

Every customer is different and every customer’s path to a shared savings solution is unique. The more complex the business and its utility services are, the more likely the audit will take extra time. Audits are completed for each of your customer’s locations.

You can expect a normal utility bills audit to fall somewhere between one to two months. An initial review of recent bills will happen quickly. The auditor uses this to find any immediate billing errors and if a more detailed audit is recommended.

The only thing your customer needs to do is to provide our partner with copies of their most recent utility invoices. Any additional information like purchasing agreements or access to online utility provider accounts helps in the audit. While most of the audit work happens behind the scenes, our partner may need to conduct a site survey at your customer’s location(s). If so, it’s typically to better understand the utility services or serve as a basis for valuations used to factor property tax.

The sooner you are able to qualify your customer as a lead and involve our partner who is an expert at utilities management, the faster the sales process can begin.

Updated on September 14, 2018

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