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How long does the waste management sales process take?

A comprehensive waste and recycling program audit takes the place of a traditional sales process. When your customer signs an agreement to conduct a free audit, they also agree to split any savings with our partner. At the conclusion of this audit and negotiation process that the potential shared savings value is known. Your customer pays a portion of any amount they are able to reduce their waste and recycling costs.

Every customer is different. Every customer’s path to a shared savings solution is unique. Customers whose businesses are already actively managing their waste disposal program usually move more quickly than those new to the idea. Additionally, the more complex the waste streams are, the more likely the audit will take extra time. Solutions are customized for each of your customer’s locations. Reductions in rates are also dependent on the existing hauler contracts and expiration dates. Our partner will apply their expertise. The latest industry technologies, transportation systems, disposal alternatives and commodity pricing will drive recommendations to reduce waste and recycling costs.

You can expect a normal waste and recycling program audit to fall somewhere between 45 to 75 days.

Once they’ve agreed to move forward, your customer just needs to provide a property list and copies of their most recent hauler invoices. Additional information like existing hauler contracts, container sizes and pick up frequencies are also helpful.

The sooner you are able to qualify your customer as a lead and involve our partner who is an expert at waste and recycling management, the faster the sales process can begin.

Updated on September 14, 2018

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