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How long does waste management implementation take?

The implementation of any service changes typically takes 45 to 75 days once your customer approves our partner’s recommendations. They’ll handle everything. Once the negotiated rates for new pricing and services are effective, all invoices go through an electronic line-by-line audit. The audited invoices are then forwarded on to your customer, usually via email, within 48 hours.

You remain in control

No changes are made to haulers or service levels without written permission. And, if our partner can’t reduce rates for a specific location by at least 10%, it can be removed from the waste management program.

As soon as the new waste rates are effective, the ongoing vendor performance management services are implemented. Our partner will continue to monitor invoices on a monthly basis. They’ll make sure that the savings promised are actually being realized. In addition to monitoring invoices, they’ll also prevent any unjustified rate increases or billing errors. And, they’ll act as one single point of contact for all of  waste and recycling needs. They’ll continue working to secure discounts and rebates for additional cost savings, while also overseeing the daily operations of waste disposal.

Updated on September 14, 2018

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