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Top 4 benefits of demand response

Electric Power Lines

There are many advantages to demand response. It all starts with your business saving money. Here are the top five reasons a demand response program reduces electricity costs.

#1 Earn incremental revenue
Electricity costs often make up a significant portion of your monthly operating expenses. Demand response participants receive periodic payments for simply reducing their electricity usage during peak grid consumption or emergency events. These payments, often for very little effort, can offset up to two months of facility electricity costs.
#2 Protect against high peak energy costs and risks
With the aging of the nation’s electrical system, grid operators are passing more and more costs along to consumers based on their peak usage. Businesses participating in demand response can lower their electric bills by avoiding expensive peak energy consumption. They also benefit from receiving advanced notice of grid instability. Facility managers can disconnect any sensitive electrical equipment and avoid costly damages.
#3 Achieve environmental and social sustainability benefits
Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are important components of an organizational culture and values. Increasingly, it also produces bottom line results. Demand response provide an opportunity to achieve results with no capital investment. Having an environmentally responsible image is good for any business and supporting demand response can have a positive impact on customers, communities and employees.
#4 Maintain competitive advantage in the marketplace
From 2014 to 2016, demand response enrollment by commercial and industrial companies increased 66%. As early adopters of demand response pull ahead of the competition, many businesses are exploring demand response as a way to keep up and realize economic benefits.

Find out now how your business can use demand response to start saving on electricity during critical time periods.

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Updated on September 14, 2018

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