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Top 5 benefits of retail energy choice

Retail energy choice offers many great benefits. Still, it all starts with your business saving money. Here are the top five reasons increased competition in the energy market helps businesses reduce their monthly gas and/or electricity bills.

#1 Pay less for same energy
Deregulated markets are the key to low-cost energy. Competition in the energy market drives down prices. You can boost your bottom line when you shop for the best deal on an energy provider. By simply switching from your default utility rate to a competitive retail energy supplier, you can pay a lower utility rate. Legacy utility rates are often higher than actual market rates due to legislative or regulatory mandates.
#2 Choose more flexible pricing options
By choosing your own supplier, you can also select a fixed rate contract. Select the length of time that best meets your business needs. Retail energy gives your business a choice about the rate you will pay. It helps eliminate uncertainty and gives you more control over your monthly budget.
#3 Enjoy better customer service
Increased competition results in a better quality of service for your business. Whenever there is less competition, companies have less incentive to provide reliable customer service. Businesses now have access to more options, efficiency and better service overall.
#4 It’s easy to make the change
There is no new equipment to buy. Your new supplier will contact your current utility on your behalf to make the switch. The change you’ll notice will be on your utility bill. In most cases, the details portion of your utility bill will simply be updated with the new supplier rate information. Or, in some cases you’ll just start receiving a utility bill from your new supplier. You’ll continue to get the same high-quality service as everyone else in your service area, regardless of who is supplying your power.
#5 Maintain competitive advantage in the marketplace
According to a 2016 study, in markets where retail choice exists “roughly half of commercial and industrial load has switched to competitive suppliers.” As early adopters of energy deregulation pull ahead of the competition, many businesses are exploring retail energy choice as a way to keep up and realize economic benefits.

Find out now how your business can make the switch to retail energy choice. You can start saving on your very next utility bill.

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Updated on September 14, 2018

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