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Top 5 benefits of utility bill auditing

There are many advantages to utility bill auditing, but it all starts with your business saving money. Here are the top five reasons working with an auditor is a cost-saving, smart choice.

#1 Uncover utility savings, often 10% or more
Most businesses are billed too much for what they use. Every month businesses receive multiple bills for utility usage, but many times these utility bills are incorrect. These errors and overcharges often go undetected. So, your business can lose thousands of dollars in just a few years…or months depending on the size of business. Importantly, a utility bill audit identifies any refunds and monthly reductions your business can achieve.
#2 Control and contain future utility expenses
A utility bill audit is a simple way to start saving today and continue those savings year after year. A specialist will audit every line of every utility bill. With expertise and visibility, you gain greater control over your expenses. It saves money by uncovering billing and meter errors, evaluating rate plan modifications, confirming the accuracy of your purchases and maximizing overall savings. Experts can also perform a detailed analysis of your property to determine if a property tax appeal is justified. If warranted, they can coordinate the filing process to appeal overstated valuations.
#3 Save staff time and avoid billing hassles
Every extra minute you spend on billing errors, is one less minute you are focused on your core business. Utilities are the backbone of your facilities but inspecting each and every bill monthly takes too much time. A utility bill auditor can take over monitoring your water and sewer, gas, electricity, telecommunications, waste and recycling and property taxes invoices. They’ll help you recover and reduce your operational costs. You gain an advocate that knows who to call for utility billing issues and how to achieve results.
#4 Professional utility bill audits are free
There is no potential cost, only potential savings. If you don’t save money, you don’t pay anything for the audit. There are no out-of-pocket costs, so there’s no risk to hiring an expert. That’s why even if you do audit your own bills in-house, there’s no reason not to have someone double checking for anything that was missed.
#5 Get a fresh look and gain additional insights
You’ll also benefit from having an unbiased resource look closely at your business. Utility bill audits are also a great way to identify operational inefficiencies. Even if you’ve already implemented energy efficiency projects, these audits can tell you if they are truly delivering the anticipated results. Knowing your utility bill inside out is a real advantage. Often other overlooked ways to save money are uncovered during the review process.

Find out now how your business can save money, time and hassles with a utility bill audit!

Updated on September 14, 2018

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