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Top 6 benefits of online reputation management

There are many advantages to using an online review management solution. It all starts with your business taking control of your online reputation. Here are the top six reasons to talk with an online reputation management expert to learn more.

#1 Increase website traffic and sales from reviews
In today’s marketplace, online reviews matter. Importantly, 92% of customers now read reviews before making a purchase decision (BrightLocal). According to research done by Harvard Business School an increase of one star can raise revenues 5-9%. And, businesses that use Podium for review management typically see a 6% increase in revenue they attribute to online reputation management.
#2 Take control of your online reputation
Your online business reputation directly impacts your company’s success. In particular, customers are 52% more likely to leave a review after a negative experience (Dimensional Research). So, make sure your future prospects can access a fair and balanced picture of your brand online.
#3 Be a top choice on the review sites your customers trust
Encourage more reviews from your base of happy customers and work to neutralize any negative customer experiences. Note, 84% of customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation (BrightLocal). Customers pay more money to ensure a superior customer experience. Successful companies know this and strategically direct their happy customers to the right review sites.
#4 One place and simple tools to manage reviews
Send invitations, respond to customers and manage reviews in a few clicks. And, proactively monitor, review and respond to reviews for 20+ review sites in one place. Also, use read-to-send templates to automatically text your customers review invitations. Finally, get notified about new reviews and can respond directly from one inbox. The tools make it simple to manage reviews from start to finish.
#5 Quick and easy to set-up and use
In just a few days, get your business set up, trained and start influencing your online reputation. It is ready to integrate with your website and the applications your team already uses. Importantly, you choose the sites you want your customers to leave reviews on and send them there directly.
#6 Get more actionable customer insights
The best solutions make it easy to mine customer feedback to gain important insight into the customer experience. Along with insights, get data to better understand hot topics and key trends. So, know how you compare to your top competitors. And, capture important performance metrics such as who is soliciting reviews, the quality of the reviews and which review sites are most strategic for your business.

Find out now how your business can take control of your online reputation by proactively managing your online reviews.

Updated on September 14, 2018

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