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Top 7 most popular items to store overhead

There are many advantages to using overhead storage solutions, but it all starts with your business making better use of space you already have (and pay for). Here are the seven most popular items businesses lift up for storage.

1. Clothes

Storing clothing consumes floor space fast. The empty air space you are paying for can suddenly become very valuable storage. Clothes are safe and secure, free from wrinkles, dirt, damage and theft. You also eliminate ladder climbing and the risk of dropped clothing and injuries. Retail items are easy to see and count which makes inventory quick and aisles stay open and clear. Shrinkage is also less of an issue since items are not buried out of sight.

2. Wheelchairs

Storing wheelchairs, especially powered chairs, eats up floor space fast. Locating a chair and digging it out of a jam-packed room is difficult at best. Now you can store them overhead and have them safely at your fingertips in minutes. Your floor space stays open and you know where everything is.


3. Electronics & Jewelry

It is important to keep electronics, jewelry and other small expensive inventory items safe and secure. On the sales floor they are kept under lock and key, but how safe are they in your back room? It is easy to get high end items out of storage and onto the sales floor quickly, safely and easily. Overhead storage is a simple solution to a simple problem. You do not need to invest in extensive security systems. When the locked cage is overhead nothing can get dropped, crushed, touched, moved, stolen, modified or damaged.

4. Tires

Storing tires consumes a lot of floor space, space that can be better used for working on cars. Still, you need quick access to fresh tires so rummaging around in your storage area and rolling them to the bay is not ideal. And, climbing ladders to get tires is asking for trouble. Shorten your turnaround time by having your high turnover tires right at hand overhead.

5. Boxes

Every month you pay for open empty air space that could be used for storage. Overhead lifts are easily bolted into your ceilings, existing shelves stay put and you nearly double your storage capacity without a remodel.



6. Bikes

Storing pre-built bikes overhead lets you restock the sales floor quickly and easily. Bikes assembled in off hours and be ready for immediate delivery. With the push of a button the bikes come right down. Your customers get the right bike, right away. In minutes they can walk out the door with their brand-new bikes.


7. Boats

With a rolling cart boats can go into safe storage directly off the truck. They won’t get dropped, dinged or scraped. Carts full of canoes and kayaks is a natural on the sales floor. Your customers can see and actually touch their boat and your regular shelves are open for more inventory. Some retailers roll a loaded cart outside and the colorful boats become an attractive POP display. Plus, during off-season boats are safely stored up high and out of the way.

Updated on September 14, 2018

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