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What are broadband customer pain points?


Flockgen Broadband Partner Solution

More than an inconvenience, a sluggish network connection costs businesses time and money. Your customers need flexible and adaptable broadband solutions that don’t take months to provision. Once your customers are connected, their initial bandwidth can be rapidly increased to handle traffic changes. Technology advances continue to provide scalable capacity, faster provisioning and more cost-effective options.

Customer pain points

  • High costs for connectivity/networking
  • Need more connectivity/bandwidth/speed to support business needs
  • Backup concerns
  • Security and compliance concerns
  • Scalability concerns
  • Cloud access or network visibility challenges
  • Onboarding issues (Adding new locations or applications is time consuming or costly.)
  • Customer service issues


SD-WAN typically costs less to install, operate and maintain which makes it an attractive option for middle market businesses looking to reduce IT expenses and increase broadband efficiencies.

Our technology partners help your customers keep a close eye on their bandwidth demands so they can make changes proactively. As their business grows they may also want to transition to the next generation of broadband – software defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN). SD-WAN is optimized for cloud-based business activity which is helpful for companies that rely heavily on applications like Salesforce and Office365. Bandwidth is allocated where it’s most needed, and network traffic can be controlled from a single, centralized location.

What happens next once my customer requests a technology consultation?

Updated on October 15, 2018

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