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What are cloud and data center customer pain points?


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Businesses are often challenged to manage and maintain their data, as it increases rapidly in a short time. They are also challenged to manage the data infrastructure. Cloud infrastructure and managed service data center solutions can help your customers stay ahead of these challenges. There are many scalable solutions available that can expand with your customers’ businesses. In some cases, cloud adoption is as simple as turning on a service through the web. But in more complex situations, such as moving databases and archives to the cloud, migration is a multi-step process. Bring these challenges and pain points to Flockgen, and we will connect your customers with partners that solve these issues every day.


Customer pain points

  • High Infrastructure costs (In-house or MSP hosting)
  • Scalability concerns
  • Performance concerns
  • Security concerns
  • Apps development
  • Disaster recovery challenges
  • Customer service issues



Don’t forget to make sure your bandwidth is sized to match your growth plans. The best app in the cloud is no good if your employees and customers are hindered in their ability to reach it or use it properly.


When businesses decide to go to the cloud, they must make a choice about which type of cloud solution – public, private or hybrid. The drivers often depend on what assets they want to move to the cloud. Public clouds deliver the most flexibility and scalability, but the multi-user environment means businesses are sharing resources with other users. Private clouds also offer flexibility and scalability, but a company’s data resides in a private, dedicated environment. In many cases, a hybrid approach is chosen. It allows companies to keep their most valuable business data in tightly secured private cloud environments while using the public cloud for less-sensitive data.

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Updated on October 15, 2018

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