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What are finance outsourcing pain points?


Through outsourcing your business can connect with the very best financial professionals to scale your finance team up and down on-demand. Top freelance bookkeepers, accountants, financial analysts and CFOs are all available on a virtual, hourly basis. Get matched with highly vetted professionals who have years of experience and the domain expertise to tackle your company-specific challenges.

Flexible staffing solutions provide your business access to a cost-effective, high quality workforce quickly. Whether you are in search of help for a few hours, your busy season, a special project or on-going support, finance outsourcing enables you to customize an on-demand approach. You can be assured you’ll get matched with financial professionals with expertise helping businesses, like yours, solve their unique problems. Each individual completes a multi-step vetting process including a skills assessment, interview and hands-on project and is driven to exceed your expectations. Companies of all sizes are successfully improving their bottom line by outsourcing financial tasks.

Customer pain points


  • Too busy categorizing transactions to focus on other parts of the business (like selling, creating, or growing)
  • Running behind on collecting accounts receivable or sending out client invoices
  • Seeking valuable business insights from account data
  • Looking for clarity on what’s being spent or made
  • Playing catch up every year-end to get books in order for tax season
  • Spending more than 5 hours per month on bookkeeping tasks


  • Looking for more financial insights to help make business decisions
  • Growing quickly and making a lot of money, but still having trouble covering expenses
  • Needing to actively manage cash flow
  • Facing tax season
  • Considering big purchases and want to know the tax implications

Financial Analyst

  • Developing a budget forecast for the upcoming year
  • Seeking outside investment
  • Evaluating opening a new location or launching a new product line
  • Looking for guidance on where to invest business’s funds
  • Developing a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure business success
  • Looking to understand how much it’s costing to acquire new customers and/or how much money they will generate over their lifetime
  • Compiling comprehensive business data to present to board of directors

Part-time CFO

  • Bogged down with interpreting the numbers and need strategic guidance
  • Thinking about fundraising
  • Looking to go public
  • Looking to expand or acquire another business
  • Developing a long-term plan to sell the business
  • Facing cash flow issues and need to come up with a cash flow management plan
  • Looking to scale and want to make sure the operational side of finance is ready for scaling.

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Updated on October 15, 2018

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