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What are networking solutions customer pain points?


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A slow or clunky network costs businesses time and money. Your customers need flexible and adaptable networking solutions. With the right solutions, your customers can rapidly expand their networks to handle traffic increases and support changing business needs. Technology advances continue to provide scalable capacity, easier to deploy options and more cost-effective choices.


Customer pain points

  • High costs
  • Experiencing slowdowns or outages
  • Need more connectivity/bandwidth to support business needs
  • Using single Internet provider
  • Using too many suppliers/contracts
  • Paying for backup/failover internet
  • Limited availability of services
  • Customer service issues



Don’t forget to make sure your bandwidth is right sized for your network. The network is not working for you if your employees and customers are hindered in their ability to reach it or use it properly.

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Updated on October 15, 2018

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