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What are VoIP and Unified Communications customer pain points?


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While many businesses are still learning about the benefits of VoIP, the (voice over IP) technology is now mature enough to replace legacy phone systems. As the demands of today’s work-anywhere environment grows, your customers need for voice services and unified communications keeps expanding. New feature-rich, flexible solutions enable businesses to streamline communications, improve collaboration and support workforce mobility.


Customer pain points

  • High costs
  • Using aging or outdated equipment
  • Handling mobile device and bring your own device (BYOD)
  • Requiring call center/contact center functionality
  • Experiencing onboarding issues (Adding new offices/employees is difficult, timely and expensive.)
  • Looking for more data, analytics or integration
  • Customer service issues



Businesses cannot stay competitive for long with legacy technology, and a switch to VoIP can be a catalyst for a larger technology refresh. Once employees adopt new technologies on their own, legacy voice usage typically drops off (desk phones) and the full business benefits of VoIP become clear.


Help your customers work the way people communicate today. Businesses can communicate faster with advanced calling features and a single interface to access voicemail, email, contacts, calendar and conferencing—anytime, anywhere, on any device. With unified communications solutions, companies can improve productivity and reduce operating and travel expenses. And, there are options to gain value-added benefits of VoIP while still leveraging existing legacy system investments.

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Updated on October 15, 2018

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