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What happens next once my customer requests a property tax audit?

An expert will reach out and learn their goals. They’ll discuss whether the business is right for a detailed property analysis. As part of this consultation, a customer must review and sign a short agreement. It just says that they want our partner to conduct a free comprehensive audit of their current property to determine if a property taxes appeal is appropriate. It also says that they agree to share a portion of any savings with our partner if they’re able to recover or reduce the business’ property tax expenses.

When your customer makes the decision to move forward, the only thing they must do is provide access to their property and copies of their most recent property tax bills. Our partner can handle the entire process from site inspections and case preparations to appeal filing and negotiations.

DISCLAIMER: In many states, taxpayer agents who are not lawyers may only appear on your behalf in matters of property classification, assessment and valuation. While they may represent you in informal or formal hearings on these matters, they may not represent you in a court of law.

Updated on October 23, 2018

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