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What is demand response?

Demand response rewards businesses for being good energy stewards. In many electricity markets, large energy users can now profit from flexibility in their electricity consumption. Businesses earn money for using less energy when they reduce or shift their energy consumption during critical time periods. Demand response programs help everyone stay powered as grid operators balance electricity supply and demand on the grid in real time. The grid operators are happy to make regular payments to businesses for this help.

The nation’s aging electrical system is compelling businesses to look for opportunities to reduce peak consumption. Grid operators are passing more and more higher costs along to users based on their peak usage. As technology is rapidly changing the energy system, businesses of all types are embracing demand response as a means of earning revenue, cutting costs and reducing usage with zero upfront investment. Many businesses also utilize demand response to help fulfill sustainability objectives.

Best customer introductions

Businesses with high electricity usage. Businesses covering lots of physical space or those leaving the lights or equipment on for extended hours are good candidates.

Updated on October 15, 2018

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