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What is property tax auditing?

Property tax auditingProperty taxes are often one of the largest operating expenses for facilities. So, it can have a big impact when businesses appeal overstated property tax valuations. Many companies are able to improve their bottom lines today and generate future savings for years to come.

Independent experts evaluate your property. Their goal is to identify if a property tax appeal is justified. If an appeal makes sense, they pull together the support you need to pursue an appeal. And, they can represent your interests and negotiate on your behalf to help you achieve any possible property tax reductions.

You only pay for the service when true operational cost savings are reflected through your reduced tax bill. If you’re one of the few businesses who receives no tangible benefit, you pay nothing. Instead, your business gains confidence in the competitiveness of your current property tax expenses. Often property taxes are reviewed as part of a full utility bill audit.

Best customer introductions

Businesses with high property tax expenses are good candidates. Our partners work with all types of facilities including apartment complexes, hotels, office buildings, manufacturers, warehouses, industrial sites, auto dealerships, hospitals, retailers and restaurants.

DISCLAIMER: In many states, taxpayer agents who are not lawyers may only appear on your behalf in matters of property classification, assessment and valuation. While they may represent you in informal or formal hearings on these matters, they may not represent you in a court of law.

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Updated on October 23, 2018

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