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What is utility bill auditing?

Many businesses are able to improve their bottom lines today and generate future savings for years to come through utility bill auditing. Independent experts evaluate and audit your utility bills for water and sewer, natural gas, electricity, telecommunications, waste and recycling and property taxes. Their goal is to identify any refunds and monthly utility bill and property tax reductions your business can achieve. They have no ties to any utility vendor.


Common utility bill errors

Misreading the meter | Tariff overcharges | Incorrect rate plan | Missed incentives | Unclaimed credits | Duplicate charges | Billing past the cancellation date | Charging for unused services | Market pricing opportunities | 3rd party fees | Typographical errors | Mathematical errors | Computer errors | Faulty equipment

You only pay for the audit, via a performance-based fee arrangement when true operational cost savings are reflected through your reduced utility bill. If you’re one of the few businesses who receive no tangible benefit, nothing changes. Instead, your business gains confidence in the competitiveness of your current utility expenses.

Best customer introductions

Businesses with high monthly utility and/or property tax expenses.

Top 5 benefits of utility bill auditing

Updated on October 15, 2018

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